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From Principal's Desk

​                                        ZENITH PUBLIC SCHOOL is a co-educational institution with an                                          eco-friendly environment. Our vision is to promote students in an                                          effective manner in order to achieve excellence in academic,                                                sports and creative fronts and to cater to the demands of a                                                    modern, technological and global world.

                                        We believe that true wisdom is the ability to listen to one's heart and that each child's self-esteem,_dignity,_physical and emotional well-being must be cultivated with the same importance as that given to academic and material success.

Every student is unique and has the potential to be an achiever. The need is to just guide them towards the right path. The main objective of education is to form a good character and thus at Zenith Public School,we try to​ inculcate in students the traditional Indian values along with scientific and technological ideas.

ZENITH’s expectations for the future are even higher those of the past years. Thus,the efforts have to be continuous and unending. It is an institution where there are not only co-operative teachers and smart students but also responsible and affectionate parents. Together we can realize the dream of a society where the individuals have strong character, good personality and the sense of universal brotherhood.     
Jai Hind!

Geeta Dang


▶Timing from Monday (Nov 18) will be 8:30 AM to 2:10 PM for classes I to X.

Senior Secondary Affiliated to CBSE Delhi
​Affiliation No:2132157