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Senior Secondary Affiliated to CBSE Delhi
​Affiliation No:2132157

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                                       It seems only yesterday when we first opened the gates                                           of our humble institution with nothing but a vision to bring                                         about a change in education & in society’s perception of                                           it. And 11 years later, today we can undoubtedly say that                                         we have been successfully modifying the age old                                                     teaching methods, for good.Having been affiliated to                                               CBSE, we are going strong and take pride in the fact that we rank among the top education providers in Khurja.

The world is changing very rapidly. With new technologies being introduced every day, the old jobs are fast becoming obsolete. Thus, there is a need to revolutionize the education system. We believe that education is imparted not only inside the four walls of a classroom but also in playgrounds, music rooms, labs, debate clubs etc. We understand that marks cannot be the only parameter to judge a child’s capability. According to the World Happiness Report by UN, India ranks at a dismal 133rd place (out of 156 nations) and the suicide rate among youths in India is at an all time high. Don’t you think our students are under great stress because of the extreme pressure put on them to just get good grades? But the need is to understand that every child is unique. Could we have been blessed with Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, P.V. Sindhu or Kalpana Chawla, if their parents had also forced them to become only doctor or engineer? Thus, we need to embrace every child as she/he is. We need to provide independence and support to enable children to explore their capabilities and individuality. 

Future scientists, singers, astronauts, dancers, gymnasts, engineers, doctors are walking the halls of this school at this very moment, if only we show the courage and wisdom to support them. And we, at Zenith Public School, are forever working towards achieving this very goal and we are sure that together we will raise responsible, successful and happy citizens of India.
Jai Hind!

Rahul Rathi 


From Manager's Desk